Skype changed her life

“How online video calls are healing lots of people”.

Sophie lived complaining, announcing her “sure” death next November, year after year, but death was always postponed, so she had to bear living one more year.

The reason for her survival was simple: she did not die because she was not sick, nor she was old enough to reach her “expiry date”.

What was she suffering of, that she wanted to live no longer?  Well, lack of communication, specially a warm, close, right from the heart one.

Having her children and grandchildren living in a different country, on top of a rather seldom contact with other family members and friends, due to their busy lifestyle, had made her existence a mere walk-around, caged on her existing routines.

Until the day they taught her how to connect and chat on Skype!

A world opened before her eyes.  She could see her beloved ones without having to take a plane or a train, it was a balm for her; a gift for her life.  She suddenly entered in a world of Internet connections and started to exchange pictures, images, kisses, finding a new reason to live.

Perhaps it is not a popular thing to regard a monster company such as this one, which was sold for 8.5 billion dollars, but I dared to do so as a tribute to a medium which is linking the lives of hundreds of millions of users like Sophie in the whole world and give life back to them.

So if you know any elder person which is lonely, isolated in his/her world of memories and melancholy, step up to the pharmacy and get him/her a medicine called Skype.  No, you do not have to buy it or pay for it.  Download it for free.

Thank you Skype!

Vladimir Gómez Carpio
Consultor en procesos de transformación personal y organizativa

Copyright (c) 2014 Vladimir Gómez Carpio

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